Quatro® Dielectric Non-Insulated Boots

Arc Flash Testing

The Quatro Dielectric boots have been independently tested for arc flash protection using ASTM F2621 (IEC 61482-1-1 Method B).

After testing at 40cal/cm2, the Quatro Dielectric boots did not melt, drip, ignite or exhibit after-flame, during or after the exposure. Additionally, there was no sign of energy transfer inside the boot.

Yellow dielectric boots are being phased and replace with gray boots. Testing results still apply.

Key Features
  •   High-spec, fully waterproof, hand-built, rubber dielectric safety boot.
  •   Manufactured with specially formulated insulating layers offering electrical protection over the whole boot.
  •   Grey upper allows for easier visual identification and in- service inspection.
  •   Built on the popular Quatro last to give a generous fit while locking the ankle and preventing heel slip.

Electrical Testing
Every boot is tested after manufacture at 20kV for 3 minutes in water as per ASTM F1116. Each boot carries a unique and traceable serial number for PPE management and control.

Arc Flash Testing
The product has been tested for arc flash protection using ASTM F2621 and IEC 61482-1-1 Method B, resulting in no ignition, melting, or dripping at 40cal/cm2.

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